November Tweetup – Taco Thanksgiving

Last year as we tripped over the November Tweetup one of the consistent request I received was for a potluck style tweetup. Think Southern Baptist church meets SXSW.

I’ve had about a year to think on it, which is far longer than you all are ever allowed to give me to think again, and a traditional Thanksgiving potluck is just not our style. True @bryanjones does look even more bear like with oven mits and I hear @kellimarks makes an awesome stuffin’ muffin (make up your own jokes for those two). However there is one food group that geeks love above all else.


Any mexican food will do actually. Best if served from a truck by a guy with a neck beard. So I thought what better than to have a Taco Thanksgiving. Bonus points if you come rocking the neck beard.

Here is how this works. I’ve partnered with Eikon church along with Aaron Reddin, because you know it is the time of giving and all. Eikon is going to hosts us on their Open doors night which means some members of our community will join us. Aaron is going to bring the van by.

You have two options, either bring food or bring a donation for the Van. Think about what you want to do and I’ll kick around a signup sheet in the next couple of days. All are welcome to come eat, tweet, and hangout.

Taco Thanksgiving
Eikon Church (518 w. 9th St)
November 17

See you guys there